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We’re historically the first company to have invented connectible stems

AboutDouble & Couple

“Hand Made with a New Design”

We’re historically the first company to have invented connectible stems. The Double&Couple brand originates from the blend of well-preserved traditional handicraft, manufacture and glasswork traditions from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (dating back to the 18th century) coupled with a new modern design representing the current skillfulness of the glassblowers.”

About<small>Double & Couple</small>

Traditionin hand

You can’t find any country which has longer tradition of glassmaking than Czechoslovakia . Thanks to Roman Empire and also thanks to Celtics, Slovakia gained its knowledge of glassmaking from Mediterranean like most of European countries. Bohemian Crystal is one of the most famous world fancy glassware. Until peaceful dissolution into two republics Slovakia proudly sold products under this trademark. Because of split Slovak glass factories can no longer use this trademark but quality hasn’t change and it is even better.

At this time, whilst the world is dominated by automated production lines, and super-modern technologies, Double&Couple brings handicraft of crystal glass – the right art in the form of glass flutes EXCLUSIVE to the market place. Every single glass is unique, and every single one has had new life breathed into it by the glassblower.”

Tradition<small>in hand</small>


At first sight, they might look the same, but every single one is slightly different. The manufacturing process of each glass cannot be precisely repeated. As Heraclitus says “you could not step into the same river twice”.Products designed by the Double&Couple brand is unique and allows the flutes to be connected via their stems. The design is protected by the World Intellectual Property Organization UNO, Intellectual property, creations of the mind, inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce with the seat in Geneva.


ExclusivityGround-breaking design


Hand made


Individually shaped
by glassblower


First invented
connectible stems


Tradition since


Protected design
by the WIPO


Deluxe hand
made packaging


1 out of 20 flutes


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