Wedding Gift Double & Couple


Wedding is a unique celebration of the beginning of a common story. Wedding glasses are one of the important details that this story begins to write. It's just the moment of the first wedding reception, which opens the whole wedding party and attracts the spectators. The Wedding Collection of Timeless Double & Couple Crystal flutes with its unique design guarantee never goes out of fashion and serves for all the upcoming anniversaries. This collection is also a great tip for a wedding gift, as the unique design perfectly represents the symbolism of the connection.

Double & Couple – Present yourself with originality !

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pink white
159 €

The Double&Couple brand originates from the blend of well-preserved traditional handicraft, manufacture and glasswork traditions from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (dating back to the 18th century) coupled with a new modern design representing the current skillfulness of the glassblowers.

“You could not step into the same river twice”

At first sight, they might look the same, but every single one is slightly different.The manufacturing process of each glass cannot be precisely repeated. As Heraclitus says “you could not step into the same river twice”.


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